Precious Metals. Most Precious.
If more precious metals are recycled, the less they need to be mined.  See how we are making a difference.

Precious Metals Recycling
Portable/Contract Assaying
Metallurgical research professionals offer timely, accurate, & confidential results with our state of the art labs and equipment.

Gold & Silver Mining
The Spotted Horse, Kentucky Favorite, the Maginnis, and Cumberland mines. Located in the Judith Mountains, Mt.
Iron Ore Mining

-- Currently Under-- Construction

Welcome to Maiden Resources, Inc.
We are a multi-tiered corporation with divisions dedicated to minerals exploration, precious and base metal mining, contract assay laboratories for remote mining operations and precious metal (Catalytic Converter) recycling.

Our Mission - is to grow and manage a diversified portfolio of metals and mining businesses with the single aim of delivering industry-leading returns for our shareholders.

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